Distant Shores The Orphan Train RAMAH The Two Angelas

A number of high-profile big-ticket features are in development by Ted Baldwin.

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DISTANT SHORES: An escaped prisoner finds he must wage war aganst an evil religious empire in exchange for help in finding his wife.

THE ORPHAN TRAIN: A young girl battles armies, aliens and robots on a quest to save her teddy bear.

Written by Ted Baldwin.

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RAMAH: A wealthy young man's idyllic life is destroyed when a storm forces him to evacuate New Orleans. Fleeing the city with an abusive ex-lover, he faces ugly realities when they end up unwilling refugees among the lost souls of Ramah.

Ted Baldwin.
THE TWO ANGELAS: in 1930's Germany, an old-world mother and her progressive, idealistic daughter confront each other over the radical changes in their lives.