Casting Call for "The King of the Strippers"

(Baton Rouge, LA)

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Auditions: Baton Rouge - Thursday 3/11, noon - 10:30pm (Flexible time, but NOT an open call. You must first receive an email invitation)

Baton Rouge - Friday 3/12, by appointment only


Tentative Shooting Schedule: March 16th to March 26th

Locations: Baton Rougelace:City, Gross Tete (Ramah), and St. Francisville.

All submissions should be sent to

. Please attach a headshot, any bodyshots you have, and an acting resume. Please include full contact information, including email and mobile phone. Lastly, include the CHARACTER you are auditioning for, IN ALL CAPS, in the subject line. Be sure your resume document has your full name in the file name.      Example: SusieGibbins.doc


Agents welcome, but not required.



King of the Strippers

An Urban 3D Max Production

Auditions at Cinema Rektor Studios, 8108 Picardy

"The King of the Strippers" is a morality tale submerged in the vile world of drug dealers, strippers and prostitutes. A dark look at the clash between people who value loyalty and those who are just looking out for number one, the drama reaches fever pitch as it brutally plays out in back-woods Mississippi.

The hero, a man trying to make right and exit from the crime game, finds himself making one last delivery to satisfy his wife. He ends up sinking deeper into the life, and is marked for murder. When he storms a brothel to rescue a young woman – the darkness and evil of the crime world shows its ugly underbelly in everyone's desire to kill for the King of the Strippers.

Thematically rooted in "blaxploitation" movies of the 70's, and intended for mature audiences only due to graphic violence and sexual situations, "The King of the Strippers" is a unique, raw, modern vision of age-old greed and betrayal from E Master C and Ted Baldwin.

Character Breakdown


The following characters have not been cast:

YOUNG GIRL 18, Co-Lead

Caucasian Female 18 - 24, 5'0" - 5'10"

She is hot, energetic, comes across as naïve, but is not stupid. She is a thrill seeker and a nymphomaniac. She accompanies the Hero throughout much of the film, and is a counterpoint to his desire for freedom from the stripping life. She provides some comic relief in the action scenes. Partial nudity is required, and an absolutely shameless attitude towards all kinds of sex and sex talk. This role recurs in the sequel and requires an actress who can portray herself as a crime boss that enjoys thrill killing as much as sex.

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White Male, 25 - 40, 5'8" - 6'0"

He is a military survivalist ex-ranger type character. Not a wuss, he is angry and looking for someone to help him get revenge for wrongs. He doubts he can fight for himself, but he has a lot of fight in him. He is ideally scruffy, so if you are considering auditioning for this part, please keep your facial hair.

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Caucasian Female, 30 - 40, 5'5" - 6'0"

She is the whorehouse madam with a pornstar smoking hot body, is a veteran stripper, and is just plain evil. She is not the brightest crimelord. Always in a fiery red wig, she is running the crime show in Mississippilace:State.

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Caucasian Male 25 - 30, 5'8" - 6'0"

Great body, small mind. Totally a narcissist, he is an attention whore more than anything, and provides some comic relief in the film. He has no regard for the suffering of others. He is super buff, and will be partially nude throughout the film, but no full frontal nudity. This role recurs in the sequels.

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African-American Female 25 - 35, 5'4" - 6'0"

She has a big butt, with the same very attractive body as Wife. She is crass and unsophisticated even for a whore. This role requires an actressbbwith no body issues and a shameless attitude towards sex.

African-American Female 25 - 35, 5'4" - 6'0"

She has a big butt, with the same very attractive body as SoWett. She is crass but sophisticated, and is a gold digging bitch. This conniving, untrustworthy, scheming, selfish woman can masquerade as a seductive and sweet lover when she really, really, really wants something. This role recurs in the sequels.

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Any Ethnicity Female 25 - 35, 5'0" – 5'10"

She is a big-busted, ditsy stripper who steals from the big Boss. She thinks she is clever but is obviously a joke that is tolerated because the boss has a fondness for her type. Hiding the stolen loot in her underwear, the Boss has to retrieve the cash from her forcibly.

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Any Ethnicity Male 25-30, 5'5" - 6'2"

A by-the-book young patrolman who has a blind eye where the strippers' illegal activity is concerned. He takes things at face value because he believes in people.

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PREACHER - This part tentatively cast, but accepting submissions.

Any Ethnicity Male 45 - 55, 5'9" - 6'2"

A man of God with questionable morals, he can masquerade as an innocent man of the cloth, but he's more of a man of the sheets. Some nudity is required, but not full frontal. This is a recurring role.

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NUN - This part tentatively cast, but accepting submissions.

Any Ethnicity Female 45 - 65, 5'0" - 5'10"

She is an uptight, strident, judgmental and prudish woman who reveals nothing below the chin. She is dressed in a Victorian style waistcoat and neckpiece. She is not a Catholic Nun, but should be suggestive of one. This is a recurring role.

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GUNMAN (Paid role, but no lines. We'll give physical direction for this one on arrival, so you may want to take the time to prepare another character as well.)

Caucasian Male 25 - 35, 5'5" - 6'2"

Hired, cold-blooded yet inexperienced assassin hired to take out the boss. At one point uses a woman as a human shield, before being shot. There are no lines with this part, but heavy physical acting.

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The following characters are not principal roles:

NEON - Featured Extra

Any Ethnicity Female 20 - 25, 4'8" - 5'8"

She is a sexy, smoking hot stripper who wears neon teeth (provided by wardrobe). Totally eye candy, she is a regulation stripper. Partial nudity required.

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HONEYBUNS - Featured Extra

Foreign Ethnicity 20 - 30, 5'8" - 6'4"

Will be featured performing a dancer or stripper routine. Nudity may be required.

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VANILLA GOON - Featured Extra

Any Ethnicity 20 - 40, 5'2" - 6'2"

Smoking hot stripper, she is lean and mean. She is also the hired gunwoman of the strip club. During a gunfight, her head will be blown to smithereens in after effects.

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STRAWBERRY - Featured Extra

Any Ethnicity 20 - 40, 5'2" - 6'2"

Stripper in the Brothel, must appear in a sexual situation. Nudity may be required.

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BILLY COWBOY - Featured Extra

Any Ethnicity, Any Gender

Onlooker at a stripper event.

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COWBOY RALPH - Featured Extra

Any Ethnicity, Any Gender

Also onlooker at the stripper event.

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Rowdy, horny stripper groupies.

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An Urban 3D MAX Production

Cinema Rektor Studios

Produced and Directed by an all-Louisiana crew, and in association with Cinema Rektor Studios and Scotlawood Motion Pictures in Baton Rougelace:City.

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